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Material handling technology for drop forges

Comes provides a wide range of material handling equipment for drop forges right up to special construction.

From discharge belts with steel plate belt, as wire belt or fishplate belt, with or without housing / heat protection or with ventilation –  blowing on of the conveyor belt.

Box filling stations / open and closed version.  Outward transfer of start / up parts. BY – process – from the forging temperature controlled cooling. Tool setup units and transport units. Cooling Tower, conveyor belts and spray systems for example water spraying. Discharge belts to kilns – Scraper conveyor mud – cooling water, manipulators for tools  (polymaster). Filling system into boxes.  Buffer zones, blasting system.

We offer different executions for Polymaster, Forgemaster and hatebur (AMP, HM30 / 75).

For more details and descriptions are described in our product catalogue.

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