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Mobile milling and turning for components / systems on the building site

With constructive personally know how in designing and construction of our mobile milling, turning and drilling plants, this allows us in most cases to produce an optimal solutions in repair zone.

We are not just successfully equipped for the mechanical processing but also we have created the conditions to process accordingly, build up/overlay welding of worn components. With our special heating devices, we are able to perform the required pre-heating for carrying out the welding and heat treating in a work cycle.

We can therefor put the complete performance scope of such repair works from one source. By the constant view of the challenges facing our customers, we are used to implement the desired requirements in very short preparation times.

We distinguish between:

» drilling holes in to components or tapping. 

» removal or extending of internal bore

» surface and shaft grinding on-site
» rework or formating of  bearing pins 

» milling pockets as also re-milling surfaces.

We are gladly at your disposal, including weekends and holidays.

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